The 4th Annual
Apollo International
Colorectal Symposium

Fri 2nd - Sun 4th September 2022, Hyatt Regency, Chennai

This annual symposium has been endorsed by the Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India & Clinical Robotic Surgery Association India


Apollo Hospitals is widely recognized as the pioneer of private healthcare in India, and was the country’s first corporate hospital. The Apollo Hospitals Group, which started as a 150-bed hospital and today, operates 9215 beds across 64 hospitals. A forerunner in integrated healthcare, Apollo has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The Group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia, with mature group companies that specialize in insurance, pharmacy, consultancy, clinics and many such key touch points of the ecosystem. The Apollo Group has touched the lives of over 45 million patients, from 121 countries.

The Institute of Colorectal Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai is one of the busiest colorectal units in the country. With more than 1200 colorectal procedures done every year with major focus on management of colorectal cancer.

The Institute of Colorectal Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai is collaborating with Cleveland Clinic, USA & University College London, UK to create a platform for creating awareness, teaching, training & accreditation in the management of Colorectal Diseases. The aim of this collaborative is to standardize care pathways, train and accredit surgeons involved in the care of patients with colorectal diseases. This collaborative will be ongoing delivering an annual colorectal event focusing on different aspects of colorectal surgery/disease with main focus on emerging and new technologies for colorectal surgery.


Hyatt Regency, Chennai, India


Fri,Sat & Sun. 2nd - 4th September 2022

Programme Director's Note

Along with my co-hosts, Prof. Steven Wexner from Cleveland Clinic, Florida, Prof. Manish Chand from University College, London and Prof. Antonio Lacy from Hospital Clinic, Barcelona and AIS Channel, I welcome you to the 4 th Annual Apollo International Colorectal Symposium being held in Chennai from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2022.

This year we have for you in addition to the power packed program over the two conference days, pre conference workshops on the 2nd of September 2022. Conducted by world renowned faculty, the workshops will be on Robotics Surgery and Flourescence Guided Surgery.

Our symposium on the 3rd and 4th of September 2022 focuses on colorectal surgery. We have a stellar faculty from across the globe who will give us state of the art lectures on the management of colorectal diseases and advancements in surgical procedures. This symposium promises to appraise us on the cutting edge surgical procedures, master videos, technology, challenges and how to deal with them.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon in Chennai!

Dr. Venky Munikrishnan,

Programme Director
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
Institute of Colorectal Surgery
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai


Dr. Venkatesh Munikrishnan

Dr Venkatesh Munikrishnan

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon & Director,
Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery
Apollo Hospitals Chennai.

Prof. Steven Wexner

Prof Steven Wexner

Chairman of Colorectal Surgery,
Director, Digestive Disease Center,
Cleveland Clinic, Florida

Prof. Manish Chand

Prof Manish Chand

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Hon Senior Lecturer
University College, London, UK

Prof. Antonio M Lacy

Prof Antonio M Lacy

Chief of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain President of AIS Channel

International Faculty

Speaker 4

Prof Steven Wexner

FLORIDA, United States
Speaker 4

Prof Antonio Lacy

Speaker 4

Prof Mariana Berho

FLORIDA, United States
Speaker 4

Prof Manish Chand

LONDON, United Kingdom
Speaker 4

Dr Delia Cortes Guiral

Speaker 4

Dr Emre Gorgun

CLEVELAND, United States
Speaker 4

Prof Art Hiranyakas

BANGKOK, Thailand
Speaker 4

Dr Silvana Peratta

Speaker 4

Prof Antonio Spinelli

MILAN, Italy

National Faculty

Dr Aparna Hegde

Prof Avanish Saklani

Dr Prajesh Bhuta

Dr Paresh Jain

Dr Kishore Alapati

Dr Niranjan Agarwal

Dr Supreeta Arya

Dr Rajasekar Mohan

Dr Govindaraj Kanakaraj

Dr Roy Patankar

Dr Govind Nandakumar

Dr Mark Ranjan Jesudason

Dr Rohin Mittal

Dr Deepak Govil

Dr Jagdishwar Goud

Dr Reena Engineer

Dr Brij Agarwal

Dr Asfar Ahmed

Dr Sudeepta Kumar Swain

Dr T Raja

Dr Piramanayagam

Dr Amit Gupta

Dr Randeep Wadhavan

Dr T Subramanya Rao

Dr Anupama Ranjan Babu

Dr Sandeep Nayak

Dr Narasimha Srinivasaiah

Dr Bhawna Sirohi

Dr AT Mohan

Dr M Hariharan

Prof Somasekhar

Dr Ashwathy Mathew

Dr TK Rajesh

Prof KR Palaniswamy

Dr Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Dr Charita Pradhan

Dr Kushal Mittal

Prof S Rajendran

Prof Balaji Singh

Dr R Kannan

Prof A Ravi

Event Schedule

Download PDF version here
Updated 9th June 2022

Fri 2nd September


Coffee & Registration

Welcome & Inauguration

Prof Steven Wexner, Cleveland Clinic Florida
Prof Manish Chand, UCLH London
Dr Venky Munikrishnan, Apollo Hospital Chennai

Robotics Workshop
Moderator: Prof Steven Wexner
Panel: Dr Jagdishwar Goud, Dr Amit Gupta

09.00 Robotic Surgery Platforms: The Basics Prof Emre Gorgun
09.15 Docking, Basic Set Up, Patient Positioning for Colorectal Surgery Dr Sudeepta Kumar Swain
09.30 Achieving Best Visualization in the Pelvis & Beyond Dr Venky Munikrishnan
09.45 Robotic Right Colectomy Dr Jagdishwar Goud
10.00 Robotic Low Anterior Resection Dr Venky Munikrishnan
10.15 Using Firefly Fluoroscence Technology in daily practice Prof Manish Chand

Coffee Break

Robotics Workshop (Contd.)
Moderator: Prof Steven Wexner
Panel: Dr Jagdishwar Goud, Dr Amit Gupta

10.45 Robotic Intracorporeal Anastomosis Prof Emre Gorgun
11.00 Achieving Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness in Robotic Colorectal Surgery Dr Venky Munikrishnan
11.15 Endolumenal Surgery and advanced endoscopy Prof Silvana Perrata
11.30 Training Pathways in Robotic Colorectal Surgery Prof Avanish Saklani
11.45 The Evidence for Robotic Colorectal and General Surgery Prof Manish Chand
12.00 Newer Robots & the future of MIS Prof Emre Gorgun
Jack Christiansen

Panel Discussion / Q & A /

Hands On with Working Lunch

Fluoroscence Workshop
Moderator:Prof Manish Chand
Panel :Prof Avanish Saklani, Prof Mark Ranjan Jesudason

13.30 Principles of ICG & Fluorescence Imaging Dr Roy Patankar
13.45 Role Fluoroscence in Perfusion Assessment Prof Steven Wexner
14.00 Improving Lymph Node Harvest with ICG Prof Manish Chand
14.15 Role of Fluorescence in MI Colorectal Surgery Dr Jagdishwar Goud
14.30 Role of Fluorescence in MI Hepatobiliary Surgery Dr Randeep Wadhavan

Coffee Break

Fluoroscence Workshop (Contd.)
Moderator:Prof Conor Delaney
Panel :Prof Avanish Saklani, Prof Mark Ranjan Jesudason, Dr Neil Keeling

15.00 Use of Fluorescence in MI Thoracic Surgery Dr T Subramanya Rao
15.15 Use of Fluroscence in MI Gynaecological Surgery Dr Anupama Rajan Babu
15.30 Role Fluorescence Imaging in Avoiding Ureteric Injury Dr Roy Patankar
15.45 Improving Outcomes by Fluorescence Guided PSM Surgery/HIPEC/PIPAC Dr Delia Cortes Guiral
16.00 Improving Outcomes in Oncological Surgery with Fluorescence Imaging Dr Sandeep Nayak
16.15 Panel Discussion / Q & A / Hands On Training .

Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery & Stapling Workshop
Moderator:Prof Rohin Mittal
Panel :Prof Avanish Saklani, Dr Kishore Alapati, Dr Simha Srinivasaiah

17.30 Science of Tissue Management in Colorectal Surgery TBC
17.45 Role of Advance Energy in Colorectal Surgery Dr Roy Patankar
18.00 Principles of Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Prof Mark Ranjan Jesudason
18.15 Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy – Master Technique Video Dr Jagdishwar Goud
18.35 Laparoscopic Anterior Resection – Master Technique Video Prof Rohin Mittal
18.55 Hands On Training : Stapling & Anastomosis Workshop .

Sunday 4 September

Endometriosis Workshop
Moderator:Prof Manish Chand
Panel :Dr Sumana Manohar, Dr Meenakshi Sundaram, Dr Kiruthika Devi, Dr Sunita Samal, Dr Kishore Alapat

10.00 Introduction Prof Steven Wexner & Dr Venky Munikrishnan
10.15 Symptoms, signs and challenges Ms Carla Cressy
10.35 Can imaging be helpful? Dr AnithaAlaguraj
10.55 Medical management of Endometriosis Dr Ramani Devi
11.15 Surgical Management of Endometriosis Dr Rooma Sinha
11.35 The role of the Colorectal Surgeon Prof Manish Chand
11.55 Endometriosis MDT Dr Rooma Sinha (Moderator) Panel + Speakers
12.45 Concluding Remarks Dr Rooma Sinha & Prof Manish Chand


Stoma Therapy
Moderator: Prof AvanishSaklani
Panel: Dr TK Rajesh (Zoom)

10.00 Introduction Prof AvanishSaklani
10.15 Psychosocial aspects of living with a stoma Ms Pooja Satish
10.35 Patient counselling for stoma – by whom, when and continued support Ms Neeta Sabharwal
10.55 Complications of stomas and management Ms Sonal Rane

Coffee Break

Stoma Therapy
Moderator: Prof AvanishSaklani
Panel: Dr TK Rajesh (Zoom)

11.35 Role of Specialist Stoma clinics for patients Ms M AkilandeshwariMs M Akilandeshwari
11.55 Clinical Scenarios/MDT Stoma therapy Dr AvanishSaklani (Moderator) Panel + Speakers + SG Seeranjeevi, D Selvi, Metty Morris
12.45 Concluding Remarks .


Coffee & Registration

Welcome & Inauguration

Prof. Steven Wexner, Cleveland Clinic, Florida
Prof. Manish Chand, UCLH, London
Dr. Venky Munikrishnan, Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer
Moderator: Prof Steven Wexner
Panel : Prof Mark Ranjan Jesudason, Prof Avanish Saklani

09.00 Staging & Restaging for Rectal Cancer Dr Supreeta Arya
09.30 Total neoadjuvant therapy Dr Bhawna Sirohi
09.45 Can we Wait & Watch for Rectal Cancer in India Dr T Raja
10.00 Rectal Cancer – The Importance of Multidisciplinary Management to Optimise Outcomes in Rectal Cancer
Live MDT with case presentations
Prof Manish Chand
Panel & Speakers

Surgical Technique – Colorectal Cancer
Moderator: Prof Manish Chand
Panel : Prof Emre Gorgun, Prof Mark Jesudason, Dr Silvana Perrata

11.15 Lap TME Prof Art Hirankayas
11.30 Robotic TME Dr Venky Munikrishnan
11.45 Robotic CME for Right Colon Cancer Prof Somasekhar
12.00 Beyond TME + LPND Prof Avanish Saklani
12.15 HIPEC/PIPAC Dr Delia Cortes Guiral
12.30 Panel Discussion Q & A .


Fluoroscence Guided Surgery - Sponsored Symposium
Hosts: Dr. Manish Chand / Prof. Steven D Wexner

13.45 Colorectal Perfusion assessment Prof Steven Wexner
14.00 Lymph node assessment Prof Manish Chand
14.15 Evaluation of peritoneal implants Dr Delia Cortes Guiral
14.30 Q & A .

IBD Session
Moderator: ...
Panel : Prof Rohin Mittal, Dr Kishore Alapati, Prof AT Mohan, Dr Govind Nandakumar

14.45 Medical Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Dr M Hariharan
15.00 Biologics & IBD Surgery Prof Art Hiranyakas
15.15 IPAA: open, laparoscopic, robotic, single port, or transanal: how do they compare Antonino Spinelli (recorded)

Coffee Break

IBD Session (Contd.)
Moderator: ...
Panel : Prof Rohin Mittal, Dr Kishore Alapati, Prof AT Mohan, Dr Govind Nandakumar

15.45 Pouchitis Management Dr Piramanayagam
16.00 Reoperative Pouch Surgery - Challenges Prof Emre Gorgun
16.15 Surgery for Acute Toxic Colitis Dr Kishore Alapati
16.30 Management of Perianal Crohn’s disease Dr Narasimha Srinivasiah
16.45 Q & A .


Pre Dinner Symposium Emerging Technology & Surgical Practice – What’s Hot in Colorectal Surgery?

Moderator: Prof Steven Wexner
Panel: Prof Somasekhar, Prof Avanish Saklani

18.00 Introduction Prof Steven Wexner
18.10 Sensura Mio Coloplast
18.20 Sonicision – Next Generation Ultrasonic Device Medtronic
18.30 Force Bipolar Intuitive Surgical
18.40 Ostomy Ties Prof Manish Chand
18.50 Better Visualization - ICG & 4K Platforms for Lap Surgery Prof Antonio De Lacy
19.00 Gamma probe in robotics Prof Manish Chand
19.10 Proton Therapy Dr Ashwathy Mathew


Pre Dinner Symposium The Future of Surgery

19.30 CMR Surgical ....
19.50 The Hugo ....
20.10 Da Vinci Surgery ....

Cocktails & Networking Dinner

Pelvic Floor Symposium
Moderator: Prof Emre Gorgun
Panel : Dr Kushal Mital, Dr M Kanagavel, Dr Simha Srinivasaiah, Dr Charita Pradhan

08.00 Pelvic Floor Assessment Dr Prajesh Bhuta
08.15 Rectocoele, Rectal Intussuception & Mucosal prolapse Dr Roy Patankar
08.30 Rectal Prolapse – how do we treat Dr Paresh Jain
08.45 Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia - Anismus Dr Prajesh Bhuta
09.00 Can Surgery help for Chronic Constipation Dr Rohin Mittal
09.15 The Current Status of Neuromodulation of Faecal Incontinence Prof Steven Wexner
09.30 Biofeedback Dr Aparna Hegde
09.45 Q & A .

Coffee Break

Proctology: Best Practices
Moderator: Dr Deepak Govil
Panel : Dr TK Rajesh, Dr Prajesh Bhuta, Dr R Kannan

10.45 Haemorrhoids Dr Brij Agarwal, Dr Kushal Mital
11.00 Anal Fissure Dr Brij Agarwal
11.15 Anal Fistula Dr Niranjan Agarwal
11.30 Pilonidal Sinus Dr TK Rajesh
11.45 Pruritis Ani & Proctalgia Fugax Dr Rajasekhar Mohan
12.00 Post-operative Pain Management after Perianal Surgery Dr Paresh Jain
12.15 Panel Discussion Q &A .

Lunch Break

Robotic Colorectal Surgery Symposium
Moderator: Prof Steven Wexner

13.45 Driving Efficiency in Robotic Colorectal Surgery Dr Venky Munikrishnan
14.00 Endoluminal robotics Prof Silvana Peretta
14.15 Next generation robotic surgery platforms Prof Manish Chand
14.30 Single Port Robotic Surgery Prof Emre Gorgun
14.45 Q&A .

Endolumenal Surgery
Moderator: Prof Manish Chand
Panel : Prof Avanish Saklani, Prof KR Palaniswamy, Prof AT Mohan, Dr Govind Nandakumar

15.00 Introduction Prof Emre Gorgun
15.05 Endoscopic Diagnosis and Classification of Premalignant and Malignant Polyps and Role of EMR Dr Govindaraj Kanakaraj
15.20 Beyond Poypectomy: EMR, ESD Dr Silvana Peretta
15.35 Endoscopic Suturing (Full Thickness) and New Endolumenal Platforms Prof Emre Gorgun
15.50 How to Incorporate Advanced Endoscopic Procedures into Your Practice? And Best models for Collaboration between Medical GI and Surgery Prof Silvana Peretta
16.05 Stenting of Colorectal Strictures, Hemostatic Agents, Clips Dr Piramanayagam
16.20 Building an Advanced Endoscopy Center & the Future of EndoLumenal Surgery (ELS) Prof Emre Gorgun
16.35 Panel Discussion Q & A .

Closing Remarks & Adjourn

Prof. Steven Wexner, Cleveland Clinic, Florida
Prof Manish Chand, UCLH, London
Prof Antonio Lacy, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
Dr Venky Munikrishnan, Apollo Hospital, Chennai


Abstract - E Poster

  • • The scientific committee invites abstract for free papers & E-poster for consideration and inclusion into the scientific programme.

    • The first name in each abstract should be that of presenting author.

    • Abstract in brief includes aim, materials and methods, results, conclusion & clinical significance for research papers.

    • For case reports introduction, case presentation, discussion & conclusion should be included.

    • Abstract in comprehensible English typed in Microsoft word, times new roman font, size 12 and not more than 250 words.

    • A Maximum of two submissions only as first author is allowed.

    • Abstract can be saved and changes can be effected by the presenter However once abstract is submitted changes cannot be made. Only on submission Scientific Team will evaluate the abstract and communicate with the presenter the format of presentation.

    • The abstracts should not have been presented or published in any other national meeting.

    • Please state the theme and your preferred mode of presentation at the time of submission.

    • The scientific committee reserves the right to decide the mode of presentation based on uniform selection criteria.

    • E Poster and Oral Presentation formats will be communicated to the selected authors.

    • Only presenting author will be entitled to get Certificate.

    • Last date for Abstract Submission is 15th July 2022

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